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Spicy Pomegranate Lollipops
Spicy Pomegranate Lollipops

Spicy Pomegranate Lollipops

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These lollipops are vegan!
These lollipops are softer than regular lollipops. 

If you've ever had those Mexican spicy watermelon lollipops (paletas de sandía), then you will be a huge fan of these! They are the perfect combination of sweet, spicy, and sour. You won't be able to put them down.


  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Citric Acid
  • Pomegranate Flavoring 
  • Chili powder
  • Corn syrup (not the high fructose kind)


*Since our lollipops are artisanal, natural, and have real spices added to them to make them taste so good, they are softer than regular lollipops and they may display slight cosmetic imperfections or irregularities due to hot temperatures during the delivery. Throw them in the fridge or the freezer for 10-20 minutes to harden them. We promise you will still love the taste!